This is Piff and Paff; an early mechanical clown circus set. With chairs, ladder and parallel bars, they can be set up to do various tricks. The inset photo shows a close-up of the key, which is shaped like a clown!


The Merrymakers Band is by Marx circa 1931. The piano player rocks back and forth as he plays the piano. To the left, another mouse beats a drum. A third mouse dances,while the fourth mouse leads the band.


This wind-up skating monkey looks like a Steiff, but is attributed to the German company of Bing. I found reference to it in a 1914 catalogue.


The Toonerville Trolley circa 1922. It is based on a cartoon character and made by Fischer of Nuremberg, Germany. It is one of Fischer's best known products in America.


This swan water toy is made by Bing. When the moat is filled with water, the swan swims 'round and 'round. They also made this toy to be run as a steam engine accessory.


These three toys are by Fernand Martin (French) :Le Pochard(the drunkard) circa 1899 staggers while pouring a drink and drinking; Le Pianiste(the pianist) circa 1901 plays the French National Anthem on the whole length of the keyboard ;Le Gai Violoniste (the violinist) circa 1897 sways to the movement of his bow.


This Gunthermann hand painted Momma Pig scoots across floor squeaking, while bouncing the baby

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