A wooden hand-carved Punch circa 1800's. When the stick is twirled,the bells ring.


This tiger on wheels is covered with soft leather, has glass eyes, and a growler. He is 15" long and 8" tall.


Punch and Judy Puppet Troupe with Theater circa 1884


The original Punch and Judy Play was actually quite violent!


French Le Clown Orchestre by V.B. & Cie. Pressing the keys rings bells by moving arms, legs and head. This piece is probably around the 1920's, but has that Victorian look.


French Bulldog circa 1870, near life size, on wheels, head nods, pulling leash makes him growl.


Ives Wind-Up Crawling Baby circa 1871.


Velvet Elephant with glass eyes and harness. Pulling ring makes his trunk move.