This is my 1909 original Cretor's popcorn and peanut wagon, model #2 wagon with a #1 engine, which I operate at engine shows.


The new technology of the times was reflected in the toys. Many German companies were making toy steam engines, as well as the American: Weeden, Jensen and Empire. Jensen continues to make the engines to this day.

Bing Poppet Valve Uniflow Engine(German) circa 1915 17.5"x17.5"x20.5"h.

I recently was able to purchase the largest version of the Bing uniflow engine with a reservoir. The previously pictured engine is on the right. The large one is 25" tall x 20" x 18"


Rare Marklin Ship's Engine with Dynamo. The base is 14" x 15.5". It is 21" tall. Circa 1921


All original gas-burning Schoenner, circa 1897. 18" tall; boiler diameter 5", flywheel 5". I believe this to be the largest vertical Schoenner made. Boiler has center flue, and gas burner has 3 jets. Originally meant to be fired with house gas.


A Donkey Engine made by Marklin, circa 1913. All complete with spherical copper boiler on a heavy cast base. This is the large size, 12" tall.


This is a really small (5 .5" x 5.5" base) early, German, slide valve engine by Falk. It is marked by the earliest Falk emblem. Box base appears to be original with drawer for supplies.


Marklin Compound # 4158/9 (German) circa 1930 Base:18.5"x18.5" Flywheels:5"


Rossignol, twin pillar with 3" dog-tail spoke flywheel, and ornate governor. Made in France, 8 1/2" tall, circa 1900


Early Bing with a lever operated rotary reversing valve.

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