Plank "Cosmos" (German) circa 1914 16.5"h.& Plank Cigar Cutter 4.5"h. The little cigar cutter is complete with gage and all working parts!

This is a Bing pseudo poppit valve engine, circa 1912. The base is 12.5" x 12.5" and it is 19" tall.


1920, Locomotive style, Doll, overtype engine with twin flywheels, pressure gage and glass. 14" tall


This Atomic Plant is by Wilesco . The Atomic Plants seem to be a sought after item, probably because of the novelty. The heating element is unique in that it heats a water-filled coil that causes the machine to rumble and shake. Circa 1950's.


Linemar also made a variation of the Atomic Plant in the 1950's. Linemar was the Japanese branch of Marx toys. This plant contains a battery that makes moving lights operate under the tower when the engine is running.


Falk, large overtype, locomotive style boiler, 5" flywheel, 4 3/8" boiler, 14 3/4" tall, circa 1917


Plank vertical engine was made with the attached saw accessory circa 1900


Bing vertical engine circa 1912


Two sizes of a Ship's Engine made by Doll circa 1930


Weeden #49 circa 1903

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