This is a clockwork Hohner Harmonica display piece...probably used as a window display before electricity.The following are a few harmonicas from my collection. The variety of such a simple instrument is amazing!


This Hohner is called "The Auto". Probably a play on words because of the (auto) valve that put in their harmonicas.


This is another rare one. The Zeppelin by Hohner. It has a picture of Count Zeppelin on one side, and a picture of Hohner on the other. The spot that looks like a dent to the right front is a fin.


The Trumpet Call by Hohner


David's Harp(left) University Chimes Harp with bell (center back) Trillophone (right) The ring could be switched around for a harmonica to play! (center front)


Two sided Hohner with box(left) Corncob Harmonica with four sides (center back) Hohner's Trumpet Call (right)


This tin bird was a harmonica as well as a bird whistle!


Echophone by Hohner(left) Zauberflote by Koch(center back) Hohnerphone (right) The World Master (large megaphone center) Baby Hornola (center front)


See Calliope VideoWith Sound.