Nina the cat is a wind-up made by Lehmann. She was made in 1932. With head and tail moving, she runs around erratically while chasing the mouse.


This rocking goat was hand-painted and made by Guntermann.


A Bubble-Blowing Lady circa 1800's. She actually does blow real soap bubbles!


This is "Uhu", an amphibious car made by Lehmann in 1906. The driver moves from side to side as it travels forward. Not many of these survived, because although they were called amphibious, they were actually meant to be a floor toy. They did not float..and many were lost to rust!


This is Mac by Arnold (German). The appeal of this toy is the ingenious mechanism that allows Mac to ride in a circle, intermittently stopping to dismount, adjust the handlebars and remount to resume his ride.


Tombo by Strauss, circa 1910 (left), Pan-Gee by Carter (center), and Spic by Marx (right) circa 1914. A black fellow toy collector has one of the largest black collections we've ever seen.


This walking doll was by Ferdinand Imhof, patented in 1900 in Germany. The doll has a Handwerk bisque head. It works by a key wind which allows the legs to move back and forth. There are wheels made into the bottom of the feet, and the shoes are only a top covering of the feet.