I remember being fascinated by a cast iron fly fan when I was a boy. It was a cast iron, clockwork mechanism that was wound to keep the flies away from the table. I was happy to have found one to buy, recently.


This is a salesman sample of the first washer built by Speed Queen Corp. of Ripon, Wisconsin in 1908. It's 15" x 11 1/2". The salesman sample Gem #2 American Wringer Co. Horseshoe Brand wringer was added.


Salesman Sample of a Parris-Dunn Wind Charger, 20 1/2" tall


1/2 scale working miniature 1860 Army Colt Pistol


Cut-Away Steam Demonstration Engines: American Locomotive (left), German Stationary (rear), American Stationary (front)


Cut-Away Gasoline Demonstration Engines from Germany: Two Cycle(left), Four Cycle (Right) These have all working parts with firing spark plugs.