Lima GS2 Southern Pacific Daylight. One Of A Kind, O ga. Live Steam, Radio Controlled.

Built by Dale Day, using drawings of full size engine.


Dallas with his 4-6-0 Baldwin Live Steam Locomotive; Coal-fired 1.5" scale. The riding car is coupled on, to take Carol (wife) and Svein (friend) around the track.


Pres (brother) and Dallas at Weldon's Train City in Missouri, 1999, in the steaming bay.


4-4-0 Live Steam Locomotive; Handmade circa1920 Alcohol-fired 30" long


Bing 0-4-0 circa1912 Alcohol-fired "O" gauge


Bing "O" gauge, "Stork-Legged" Live Steam Locomotive and Tender. Circa 1925. Maker's mark imprinted on boiler front. Finished in the Midland Railway's Crimson Livery for the English Market.


Weeden Dart circa 1880