Flying machine, One of a kind, made by friend. Powered by Stirling engine (hot air).

Articulated, sets on needle and mimics flying motions as directed by the pilot.

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Marklin #4171 hot air engine, 6 1/4'' sq. base X 10" H, circa 1921


Early Bing twin cylinder hot air engine, 5 3/4 x 3 3/4" x 9 1/4" H


English hot air engine, 6 1/2" flywheels, 19 1/2" H. This engine is a powerful runner, but is a newer engine, circa 1971


Ship's model brass and copper Hot Air Fan


Rebi (Flame Licker) German, circa 1948, alcohol fueled

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Carette Hot Air Engine circa 1910 7" x 12.5" x 13.5"h.


Falk Hot Air Engine circa 1930 11"h.


Marklin Hot Air Engine circa 1920 6" x 15" x 9.5"h.

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