Fiat model Racing Car built by Dallas. Car is made with much detail, such as: working friction shocks, chain drive, working steering, highly detailed engine. Assembled from Italian Pocher kit. 18.5" Long.


Alfa Romeo 1931 model car built by Dallas. This is a Pocher kit also. It has working four wheel mechanical brakes, all internal engine parts work, with working headlights, working steering and suspension. The wheels are assembled from individual parts and spokes. Cockpit has full controls and instrumentation. 18.5"Long


This is a 1935, 500 K Series Mercedes Pocher kit in progress. Details are: real leather interior, internally sprung seats, top that raises and lowers, windows roll up and down, door latches operate, working steering and independent suspension, and all internal engine parts operate. Wheels are assembled from individual parts. 24" Long


Extremely rare Fitzhenry Steam Automobile Engine. Fully encased in brass. Only eight Fitzhenry cars were assembled, four being steam, four being gas.